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Annual Agricultural Achievement

Annual Agricultural Achievement


On 06-04-2024, the Annual Agricultural Achievement Award Ceremony was held at the Auditorium, B-Block, Meerut Institute of Technology, Meerut. The event aimed to recognize and honor exemplary contributions to the agricultural sector, celebrating innovation, sustainability, and excellence in farming practices.

Program Highlights:

  1. Welcome Address:- The event commenced with a warm welcome to all attendees, followed by an introduction of the chief guest, Dr. Neelam Patel.
  2. Keynote Address:– Dr. Neelam Patel delivered an insightful keynote address, highlighting the importance of agriculture in India’s economy and the role of innovation in driving sustainable growth in the sector.
  3. Award Presentations:– Awards were presented in various categories, including:

Guest of Honor

1Dr. Neelam PatelBest Teacher
2Dr. Rajendra SinghResearch Excellence
3Mr. Surendra Pal SinghBest Farmer Producer Organization
4Mr. Dharmendr KumarBest Farmer Producer Organization
5Mr. Alam GirBest Researcher
6Mr. Harsh KansalBest Student- B.Sc. Agriculture
7Mr. Aman PanwarBest Student Entrepreneur
8Ms. YashashwiniBest Women Entrepreneur
9Mr. Satyadev AryaBest Agriculturist-Natural Farming
10Dr. Neerja SharmaBest Women FPO
11Dr. Shikha DhawanBest Self Help Group Supporter
12Mr. Ram MilanBest Innovator


1Hema NegiHOD Agriculture
2Dr. Madhuri GuptaCEO, Meerut Udyami Foundation.
3Dr. Himanshu SharmaPrincipal, MIT
4Dr. SwapanHead, Self Help Groups
5Sushil Sharma


1Mr. Parag GautamBorn Reborn
2Mr. Apar GuptaBlue Ocean
3Ms. Riya PayalGorofy

Stage Management- Ms. Vanshika, E-Cell, MIT

Self Help Groups

1Sanyogita JiDeepa Self-Help Group
2YogindriKrishna Self-Help Group
3PoonamRuby Self-Help Group
4PriyankaDeepa Self Help Group
5KoushalShakti Self-Help Group

Stall Exhibition:- Stalls are executed by Startups, FPOs  & Self Help Groups

Audience Engagement

Attendees were actively engaged throughout the event, demonstrating enthusiasm and interest in the presentations, discussions, and award presentations. The interactive nature of the sessions fostered meaningful exchanges and knowledge sharing among participants.


The Annual Agricultural Achievement Award Ceremony was a resounding success, honoring the dedication, innovation, and resilience of individuals and organizations in the agricultural sector. We extend our sincere thanks to Dr. Neelam Patel for gracing the occasion as the chief guest and to all participants, organizers, sponsors, and supporters for their contributions to making the event a memorable and impactful celebration of agricultural excellence.