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Icmanes 2023 Intrenational Conference on Millets

Icmanes 2023 Intrenational Conference on Millets


The Meerut Udyami Foundation is a unique Agri-business Incubator located in Uttar Pradesh-West, with a primary mission to uplift the socio-economic status of farmers and Agripreneurs, who are the backbone of our economy. The foundation provides extensive support to Farmers Producer rganisations (FPOs), Self-help Groups, Agripreneurs, and Entrepreneurs in related sectors, equipping them with the necessary skills and resources to tap into opportunities in Food Technology and its allied fields. By fostering a shift from traditional agriculture to agri-business, the foundation aims to make Indian Agriculture a more attractive and profitable venture.

The program was held in National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management. The event was skillfully coordinated by Dr. Madhuri Gupta, the CEO of Meerut Udyami Foundation, and was supported by a dedicated team including Dr. Krishanu, the Assistant Incubation Manager and Mr. Puneet Kumar, the Office Assistant. The central focus of the event revolved around bridging the gap between startups, industries and Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) with different connects. This initiative represents a significant step towards the ambitious goal of “doubling farmers’ income,” as led by the Meerut Udyami Foundation in collaboration with Meerut Institute of Technology, Meerut. The event successfully brought together individuals from the agri-industry, Agri-startups and FPOs creating a robust network of connections and opportunities.

Icmanes 2023 Intrenational Conference on Millets


  • To showcase the millet products, technologies, machinery and services, create awareness and develop relationship with new prospects.
  • To establish brand s credibility and contact with like-minded professionals for business innovations.
  • To obtain professional opinions on new advancements and suggestions about upgradationof existing millet products, technologies, machinery and services.
  • To promote millets by enhancing efficiency in the entire millet supply chain for better millet production, processing, distribution and consumption


Sub Themes

  • Potential of millets as nutri-cereal: proven aspects
  • Millets utilization in combination with other staple food crops to develop food alternatives
  • Millet starch hydrolysis
  • Bio-fortification and millet based functional foods
  • Strategies for enhancing millet production and processing
  • Climate resilient millets


  • Dr. Venkateswarlu Ronda, IIMR Hyderabad
  • Dr. Komal Chauhan, NIFTEM Kundli

Participants from Agri-Industry

Mr. K.P Singh, Hans Heritage (Jaggery and Farm Produce) shared his business model for state-of-the-art manufacturing, closed pan boiling, stainless steel equipments, eco-friendly unit, best hygiene and constant quality. FPOs and SHGs came to learn about the technology, marketing, and quality consistence.

Mr. S.P Singh, Kissan Multipurpose Producer Company Limited (“the Company”) is a private limited Company having its registered place of business at Plot No F-06 First Floor Metro Residency Bai pass road, Meerut UP- 250005, domiciled in India and incorporated under the provisions of Companies Act, 2013 on 18th March, 2020. The company is a producer company.

Mr. Parag Gautam, born reborn millets from BioNinja Health and Lifestyle Greater Noida U.P.

Outcome of the platform provided by Meerut Udyami Foundation

The FPO has made direct contact with the industrial sector, presenting a comprehensive proposal for the procurement of bulk quantities of essential raw materials such as rice, wheat, mustard oil, turmeric powder, and more.

The FPO has actively collaborated with various industry experts in the realm of exports, offering a strategic vision to enhance the export of a wide range of products to international markets. This vision encompasses innovative solutions for cold-chain packaging and the potential to streamline export procedures, thus transitioning towards a paperless system.

Both the FPO and the startup have engaged in B2B meetings with prominent food companies in India, including Dabur, ITC, Kellogs, Sai Superfoods, Walk-in Cafe, generating various ideas for the enhancement of raw material procurement, product packaging, and presentation.

Meerut Udyami Foundation got a lead from Sulaiman ginting working in harvest plus coordinated by CIAT and IFPRI Indonesia.